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Product Name: efinanci
Description: Intuitive SACCO software
Date: 2018 - 2024
Product Head: Ambroze Ogwang
BackEnd Leads: Edward Ssenoga, Jalaludin,Andrew Young
Keyword: SACCO Software, SACCO Digitization, VSLAs, Investment Clubs, Microfinance, Emyoga, Money Lending Institutions
efinanci digitizing financial organizations

Banking and financial
information management
software (efinanci). 24/7 support.

efinanci is a fully developed banking and financial information management software. This software has been designed to manage banking operations for Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCOs), Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), Savings groups, Money lending companies and Investment Clubs. With a portfolio of over (20) SACCOs and groupings, We gladly available to help you get started
Here are solutions our product offers:-
  • Member Management
  • Savings Accounts Management
  • Loan Accounts and Credit Management
  • Accounting Package
  • Mobile Money Integration
  • Reports
    • Dashboard
    • Trial Balance
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Performance Indicators
    • Loan ageing portfolio
    • Loan performance
    • Loan book
    • Graphical Indicators