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Government Projects

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Project Name: Technical Feasibility to select a Site from
Biogas to Electricity
Project Status: Ongoing
Client: MEMD
Funder: UNDP
Project Name: 400Kv RAP Implementation for Masaka Mbarara
Project Status: Ongoing
Client: UETCL
Funder: AFD & KFDW
Project Name: ESIA & RAP For Developing Water and Sanitation
Infrastructure for Masaka and Mbarara Areas
Project Status: Ongoing
Client: NWSC/Cabinet Merlin
Funder: AFD
Project Name: ESIA and RAP for Roads in Refugee Areas
Lot 1: Koboko Moyo Yumbe 100KM
Project Status: Completed
Client: UNRA/JBN Consulting Engineers and Planners
Funder: World Bank
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We are supporting the Government Sector within the scope of our service offering to ensure that projects meet lenders' expectations for financing and implementation. We are also ensuring that projects meet climate sustainability requirememts for the long term.